Membership Categories

Senior Resident (Full Membership)

Current initiation fee: Contact Membership Director 

Includes full privileges, with unlimited access to everything the Vesper Country Club experience provides, including access to our Donald Ross 18-hole golf course, tennis, pool and golf practice facilities.  This membership includes access to all the club dining and social events.

Young Executive Resident 

Current initiation fee: Contact Membership Director 
Young Executives ages 35-38 now have the opportunity to gradually and cost effectively step up to the Senior Membership category.

Junior Resident

Current initiation fee: Contact Membership Director

Membership is designed for members under the age 34 and under.  It includes the same full privileges as a Senior Resident member.  

NEW Social Member

Current initiation fee: $1,250 

This membership option offers complete access to our private dining amenities, social events as well as access to our pool, tennis facilities.  $250 per month with no additional fees or food and beverage minimum. Great time to join as we have expanded our dining operation through the winter and completed renovations to the pool, tennis, landscape and upscale casual dining rooms.


Please call Amanda Hodgkins at 978-458-8731 ext 243, or email for details.